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At Thinking Code we believe that ideas are amazing things. Bullet proof when fully formed yet extremely fragile in the formative stages. It is here that our vast experience in ideation, design and development makes a solid difference. For the last decade we have been helping companies large and small to convert their concepts to reality. From claims processing to IOT Frameworks, from Marketplaces to Magic Mirrors - talk to us today to put the thinking back into your idea!

Fast, Furious and Agile

We pride ourselves in our ability to execute work at a furious pace yet ensuring that quality is maintained. With years of experience honing our skills in some of the largest product development companies in the world, seeing is truly believing!

Startup Oriented Culture

In short time is money. Being a bootstrapped startup ourselves we understand the importance of sticking to budgets and improving efficiencies for increased throughput. Rest assured we will work hard to ensure that your money goes the distance.

Cutting Edge Technology

The tech landscape is evolving rapidly. Older frameworks are being pushed aside by artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. It is often not clear which is the best piece of technology for solving the problem at hand. Let our experts help you navigate the technology minefield while you focus on that game changing idea!

Go from idea to prototype in 30 days. Validate your idea.

Sometimes you need to be able to touch and feel your ideas before you can understand its potential consequences. Just having a prototype that can be shared with your prospects can go a long way in validating market fit, concept fit and lots more. Talk to us today and go from idea to a fully functional prototype in less than 30 days.

Work Diary

A glimpse into some of the ideas that we have worked on

QSeries - Curiosity Driven Learning

It is a well known fact that a curious mind aids in learning and Q-Series is an app that aims to instil this curiosity in your child. A curiosity about the wonders of the world that they live in. An app to broaden learning using quizzing as an edutainment tool. Your child gets access to fresh quiz content curated by expert quiz masters, across a wide range of topics with clear and concise explanations and references. Make learning fun! Challenge your kids with a weekly quiz session.

From a school’s perspective, Q-Series is a tool under the flipped classroom model and a far better alternative to General Knowledge text books currently being used. Schools get access to a dashboard that cuts across detailed metrics and provides management and parents with a holistic sense of how a child is doing and what their interests are.

Brought to you jointly by Thinking Code and QCollective ( , Q-Series is now officially a knowledge partner across a large number of educational insititutions across the country. Sign up today!

Keep learning. Be Qurious!


Sentinel - Assistive Domotics

Today the world is filled with Smart Homes, Smart Watches and Smart Phones. With everything becoming smarter and inter-connected we felt that it is time to apply this new wave of technology to an area that hits close to home i.e to the lives of our parents, grand parents, elders and in short our senior citizens. Sentinel can be thought of as an alert watchdog and a helpful robot rolled into one. From alerting your family or care giver in the event of a fall to warding off intruders; from turning on the pathway lights when it is dark to switching on your fan with a voice command, Sentinel makes it happen. All this without the need for complex re-wiring or changing your existing switches. Sentinel is automations made simple. It is automations for the elderly.


Quiz Engine

The Quiz Engine is a neat little framework that makes it trivial to host and manage quizzes. From creating and scheduling events, inviting and signing up participants and validating them to full featured quizzes integrated with audio, video and all possible question types, the Quiz Engine by Thinking Code is one neat little application. Ideated, designed and created at Thinking Code the platform is being used by organizations of all shapes and sizes.



Product lifecycle management (PLM) software has long been a key tool for discrete manufacturers looking to track and manage the details of product design. While this has traditionally been the playing field of large, bulky software deployments and massive on-premise data centers; when we were approached to help ideate, design and build a SAAS based, PLM platform we got down right to it.

From the abstract concept that it was initially the Thinking Code team of architects and designers soon gave it a concrete face. From the backend architecture to handle the scale of a typical PLM system to the more visual aspects of the user interface soon the SAAS based concept PLM was soon a reality.

Utilizing best of breed technologies such as Neo4J, Spring, React, HTML5/CSS3 this remains to date one of more interesting ideas that we helped realize.


Computer Vision based CEM

UserSense is a flagship CEM platform that brings customer experience measurement with first of its kind integrations with computer vision. Conventional CEM systems depend purely on the user feedback that gets captured at various touch points such as websites, kiosks, tablets, marketing emails etc. However such frameworks have a massive gap in implementation. That of being unable to capture human emotions, demographics, dwell times on site/ videos etc. The next generation UserSense platform takes the NPS driven approach to the logical next step. A marriage of computer vision/ machine learning and algorithms.

Using advanced technologies such as OpenCV, TensorFlow, NodeJS and more UserSense is taking the CEM game to new heights.


ThinkBox - Retail Analytics in a box

The ThinkBox is a little box with a camera but it is little only in size. Featuring a powerful computer vision core powered by machine learning it generates incredible analytics when deployed in a retail scenario. From tracking ad performance in real time to generating sentiment, demographic and crowd analytics it is the only solution you will ever need to decipher your retail data and generate actionable insights.

With over 50 deployments across Australia and India across retail spaces large and small talk to us today to know more.


Shopmatic eCommerce App Engine

With more and more of the world's retail businesses moving online, we felt that it is time that there is also a product that makes the transition quick and easy. Introducing ShopMatic from Thinking Code. Now create your own white labelled e-Commerce enabled mobile app and publish it to any of the application playstores instantly. Leave all the hassle of hosting backends, designing and coding an app to us.

Featuring some of the coolest technologies in mobile application development Shopmatic takes your retail business to the world!


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We are a passionate team of engineers, technical architects, UI gurus, artists and digital marketing experts based out of Kochi, Bangalore and Melbourne.

Prashanth P Prabhu

The CTO & Founder is a self described startup guy with a passion for technology. He has been helping both bootstrapped startups as well as large enterprises turn concept to reality for the last 20 years. He thrives on solving complex real world problems blending technology, scalable architectures and beautiful design. An automobile enthusiast, he enjoys travel and tinkering around with machines and electronics in his spare time.

Anup Prabhu

The Head of Business Development is the man behind the growth and customer acquisition in Thinking Code. With a very strong experience in manufacturing and analytics verticals across fortune 100 companies he is instrumental in connecting the ideas with implementations. A passionate advocate of organic and sustainable farming, you will often find him experimenting with different prototypes of aquaponics or hydroponics kit.

Meera Katre

The Head of Services and Delivery is the woman responsible for any code that ships out from Thinking Code. She has successfully brought together the multi skilled, geographically diverse group of architects, engineers and UI/UX folks in Thinking Code into one seamless team that has been consistently delighting our customers. Be it processes, increasing efficiency or making sure that the team is having a good time; she is the one in the center of it all.